A Landscape by André Lhote

Item Number: 1334

A Landscape in Watercolor by André Lhote. Signed A Lhote

Early 20th Century

H: 20"  W: 26"  

André Lhote (5 July 1885 Bordeaux – 24 January 1962 Paris) was a French sculptor and painter. He was also influential as a teacher and writer on art. He worked alongside some of the fathers of modern art, including Gleizes, Villon, Duchamp, Metzinger, Picabia and La Fresnaye.  After working in a Fauvist style, Lhote shifted towards Cubism. His work was awarded with the Grand Prix National de Peinture in 1955, and he was president of UNESCO’s International Association of Painters, Engravers and Sculptors. His work is included in many museum collections, including the Tate Gallery, the Hermitage, and the Art Institute of Chicago.


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