A Danish Mahogany Chair

A Danish Mahogany Chair Designed by Bent Helveg-Møller and Made by Jacob Kjær

Circa 1940

H: 34.5"  W: 24.5"  D: 21"  

The chair has a curved rectangular mahogany backrest, trapezoidal seat, and square columnar front legs and saber back legs. The seat and backrest are upholstered in dark green leather.

Bent Helveg-Møller (1883-1956) was a Danish architect whose refined "functionalist" design was blended with Art Deco detail. He received a number of awards, including the gold medal at the 1925 World Exhibition in Paris, and showed his work in many other museum exhibitions. Jacob Kjær (1896- 1957) was a celebrated Danish furniture designer and cabinetmaker. He showed works at the 1929 Barcelona World Exhibition, designed the "UN chair" for use at the UN building in 1949, was president of the Cabinetmakers Guild 1952-57 and of the Arts & Crafts Committee for Exports 1944-57.


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