A German Art Deco Tray Table

Item Number: 1293

A German Art Deco Tray Table on Casters 

Circa 1930

H: 26"  W: 27.5"  D: 23.5"  

The circular tray top fitted at the sides with scroll handles, on four column supports above a conforming lower tier, and ending in wheels.  Each wheel stamped OPAL-SCHLEIFLACK D.R.G.M. 

Opal was a shop selling locally manufactured fine lacquered small furniture in the Stuttgart area in the 1930s. D.R.G.M. = Deutsches Reich Gebrauchsmuster, or German Registered Designs. The D.R.G.M. was a patent office in existence from 1891 to 1945 that issued 10 year patents.


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