A German Silver-Plated Vase By WMF

Item Number: 1029

A German Silver-Plated Vase with WMF Maker's Mark

Early 20th Century

H: 9"  Dia: 8.5"

In the form of an open scalloped edge purse with drawstring and loop handles.

WMF is an acronym for the highly regarded German metal company Württembergische Metallwarenfabrik, founded in 1853. The stamp on this vase, which shows  "WMF  G." underneath an ostrich, encompassed by a diamond within a square, was used from 1880 to 1925 for silver-plated hollow-ware. The G stands for Geislingen, seat of the original factory. The ostrich is a symbol taken from the family crest of the company's founder, Daniel Straub.

Additionally stamped on base "as" and  "I/O":  As signifies antique silver finish; I/O signifies correct thickness of silverplating.


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