A Pair of Rococo Portraits

Item Number: 1142

A Pair of Northern European Rococo Pendant Portraits of a Nobleman and His Wife.  Pen and Watercolor on Paper in Period Gilt Frames.

Mid 18th Century

H: 13.5"  W: 10.75"  

Both full length portraits set in an opulent white marble neoclassical palace with tasseled curtains opening to a staircase leading to a landscaped garden. The gentleman wearing a gold embroidered blue justaucorps coat over gold brocaded silver waistcoat, his right hand holding a large key resting on an elaborate C-scroll and foliate gilt console table with a green marble top, his spaniel sitting on a tasseled cushion, the man's feathered tricorne hat is under his right arm and his hand reaches towards his wife. The lady wearing a silver brocaded pink satin robe à la française dress with a wide panier, flounced lace sleeves and gold watches attached to her waist, her hair powdered and dressed with lace, jewels and matching pink flowers, her left hand holding a beribboned miniature portrait of her husband, a poodle prances on a cushion on a table, her right hand reaches towards her husband. The carved and gilt wood frames with shell cartouche corners issuing scrolling flowers.


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