Festival of the Cattle (Gopashtami) Pichavai

Festival of the Cattle (Gopashtami) Pichavai

Item Number: 1079

Festival of the Cattle (Gopashtami) Pichavai. Framed painting on cotton lined with paper.

India, 19th Century

H: 47"  W: 76.5"  

The central figure of Lord Krishna facing forward in a rectangular doorway, elaborately dressed in a layered skirt with his distinctive orange scarf and peacock crown, flanked by four Gopis dancing among banana trees under a full moon and star-filled sky, and above two bejeweled herdsmen, each with a group of cows decorated with the Hamsa (eye in hand) symbol.  The outer section with lotus flowers each containing a figure; the top center four with various divinities transported in carriages pulled by an elephant, cow and peahens, the lower center four with peacocks, and each side with sixteen women bearing gifts, food, fans, and musical instruments. The two outer borders of foliage and flowers.


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