Ava Bronze Sculpture

Item Number: 1082

A Myanmar Bronze Sculpture

Kingdom of Ava, 18th or 19th Century

H: 8.25"  W: 10.5"  D: 4.5"  

The king and princess seated on a lotus chariot pulled by two horses.

Ava was the ancient capital of central Myanmar (Burma), on the Irrawaddy River. It was the center of power in Myanmar from 1364 until 1752. When Alaungpaya founded the Konbaung dynasty, Ava again served as capital (1765–83 and 1823–37). Although the dynasty frequently changed capitals and built Amarapura (1783) and Mandalay (1857), its seat was always referred to by outsiders as the “Court of Ava.” From the 15th century, Europeans used the term Ava as a synonym for central and northern Myanmar. Little remains at the site except for a monastery.


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